In the most recent article I’ve read, I stumbled upon David Wiegand’s review about the comedic styles of the Whitest Kids U’ Know. This article is a summary of this sketch comedies raw attitude and hilarious shenanigans. Wiegand helps the reader pain a picture of this edgy comedy group with colorful descriptions of everything from their live shows, to their television series.

One thing that surprised me about this article was that the Whitest kids U’ Know really do put on shows. From what I knew about the group, being a huge fan of theirs for years, they were suppose to have stopped shows to slow things down. It was surprising to me because I thought I wasn’t going to get a chance to see them preform, now I can!

I really enjoyed reading this article because of David Wiegand’s writing style. He kept me awake and interested in what he was talking about. I also really enjoyed his comedic touch while talking about the groups shows. Wiegand¬† explained one of their skits by saying, “Oh, but the one they did about … with the thing … and then that one guy simulated … and it all …”. I like that kind of humor. Also, I appreciate the way he describes the groups humor and their risky performances.

Overall this wasn’t a bad article. It was a tad brief and it wasn’t very personal, but I still enjoyed reading about the Whitest Kids U’ Know. I would suggest this article to an open minded reader.

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